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What is Gatsby js?

GatsbyJS - free static site generator based on React

What is Gatsby themes, are they different from starters?

Yes, they different. Starters are pre-defined sites, which you can use to start new site easy and fast. And themes - it’s more like templates. They can add to your site design, functionality, or both. You can use more than one theme simultaneously. Key difference - theme can be installed as a npm package, and starters are can’t.

Do you have starters?

Yes! You can check them on Gatsby Starters Page

How to use gatsby themes?

Click Download button on theme you like, and follow instructions in readme.

How to customize themes?

There’s number of ways - forking a repo, direct file customization(if you using a starter), or component shadowing

What if I found a bug?

You can send bugreports to our support email: info@gatsbytemplates.io

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